Therapeutic Services

Our therapeutic services are the process of meeting with a professional to resolve problematic behaviours, beliefs, feelings and/or relationship issues. Beginning a therapeutic process can be a big step for you to bring you towards a healthier version of yourself and living your best life possible, no matter what challenges you may be facing. Through therapy or counselling, you can change any self-destructive behaviours and bad habits, resolve painful emotions, improve your relationships, and more.

Individual Therapy

The purpose of therapeutic support is to allow/equip a client to move forward from a position where they experience difficulty or feel being stuck. This position may be due to personal or emotional problems, trauma, couple conflict, addiction as well as dealing with issues that may leave him or her disempowered in living a meaningful life. The personal problems may be longstanding problems, related to one or more incidents or of sudden onset. The position may also be due to relationship difficulties experienced in a marriage/partnership, or family. A client-centred and solution-focused approach is followed. We offer a safe place for individuals to heal from the impact of trauma and abuse.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a type of treatment designed to help with issues that specifically affect families. It can help individual family members build stronger relationships, improve communication, and manage conflicts within the family system.

Attachment Therapy

Attachment therapy is a process-oriented form of therapeutic intervention between a parent and child. The therapy is based on developing or rebuilding trust and focusing on expressing emotions. We look at the attachment and connection between the child and the parent to develop a normal and healthy relationship.

Child Play Therapy

Children use words and sometimes play or art to communicate and express their thoughts and emotions. With the Happy Chappy Play Therapy Programme, we reflect on the child’s feelings, point out patterns, likes and dislikes. We teach the child techniques that can assist them to identify their feelings, cope with their anger or socialise better at school. Our therapeutic playroom is set up to be a safe place the child can identify with to express themselves and process various things in their lives. With each session, we discuss worries, lessons learnt and do breathing exercises.  We use a playful approach to assist children and obtain results.

Co-Parenting Coaching

Co-Parenting Coaching offers guidance through the transition from spouses/partners to co-parents. Learning to work together in the best interest of your child is the purview of the co-parent coaching process. The most common use of co-parenting coaching is in developing a parenting plan. However, many parents access the guidance of a co-parenting coach for implementing their parenting plan after divorce/separation, reducing conflict, and developing practices and protocols that work in two-home families. Co-parents often seek guidance from a co-parenting coach when planning to introduce a new romantic partner to their children and similar significant family events.

​When the relationship of parents breaks down, it is not only the adults who suffer. Children generally love and need both their parents and the effect of divorce or separation can be seriously detrimental to the welfare of the children of the family. After divorce or separation, parents are not always able to come to an agreement about issues, that requires joint decision-making, and it can result in conflict and disputes. It is required that disputes must be resolved, as soon as possible.

Parental Guidance and Support

The parental guidance and support sessions are individual discussions and training opportunities with a parent in order for him or her to understand and address child behaviour and relationships. It covers general information about behaviour, parenting styles, child development and building meaningful relationships with children.

Family reunification and restoration

Reunification is the process where a child/ren returns to the care of their parent(s) and family after an emergency; when a parent-child contact problem has ended in the child refusing to spend time with one parent (this is typically seen in separated or divorced families in which there is a so-called favoured parent and a so-called rejected parent); or when a child had been placed in foster care or in a place of safety for a period. The goal of reunification is the child returning to the primary caregiver/s once the child is safe. It is a traumatic experience for all parties when children are removed from their homes, but also met with much anxiety and uncertainty when returning home. Family therapy for reunification aims to provide restoration of parent and child relationships by means of guidance and support for both parent/s and child/ren during the reunification process.

Couples Counselling

In working with couples, we apply the same principle of recognising each person as a unique individual. It is therefore important for us to make a proper assessment of the individual in terms of his or her understanding and feelings about their situation, their insights, and abilities to address the issue at hand, their motivation for change as well as how they perceive the outcome of any professional inputs. We break down bigger goals into smaller units to sustain the development of the process of change.

Pre-Marital Counselling

Pre-marital counselling is a designed programme for couples considering getting married. The programme is designed per individual couples’ needs before getting married to assist couples with communication and needs within their marriage. The programme consists of counselling sessions, take-home activities with self-reflection, and empowerment skill-building.

Victim Support

Victims support counselling aims to address complex trauma from child sexual abuse, support recovery and interrupt intergenerational effects.

​Our counselling helps deal with the emotional, social, and psychological health impacts of this abuse even if the abuse occurred many years ago.

Our unique victim support services are for children, young people and adults who have survived child sexual abuse.