Available Services

Parental Coordination

Parenting coordination is a non-adversarial dispute resolution service which is provided by mental health advisors, alternatively by family law lawyers to assist parents during divorce proceedings who are unable to reach an agreement regarding the minor children. This is done in an expeditious and child-focused manner.

Family & Divorce Mediation

Mediation minimizes the hurt to children and families going through a divorce, by giving parents a chance to settle their differences with the help of a third party who is neutral. Mediation allows divorcing parties greater control over the consequences of their divorce.

Child-Supervised Contact

Supervised contact refers to the contact between a non-residential parent or guardian and their minor child/ren and is observed by a trained and qualified professional. The process creates the opportunity for them to interact in a safe, controlled and neutral environment where a neutral and objective social worker is present for the duration of the contact between them. It ensures the safety and security of all those parties involved.

Child Participation

“Voice of the child” is a phrase often used to refer to the mandatory child participation interview as part of the divorce and family mediation processes. As with all legal processes involving children, the best interest of the child should be prioritised. Participation provides children with a forum for asserting their personal and individual power.

Assessment Services

Assessments provide information about the views and needs of children and their relationships with their parents and other significant adults, and of the attitudes and parental capacities of the adults with regard to the children’s needs. Partners on Panorama provide specialized Assessment Services that includes Socio-Emotional Assessments, Parental Capacity Assessments, Forensic Contact and Care Family Assessments and Sexual Abuse Investigations.

Therapeutic Services

We provide therapeutic support services which include Family Therapy, Child Play Therapy, Co-Parenting Coaching, Attachment Therapy, Parental Guidance and Support, Couples Counselling, Pre-Marital Counselling, Victim Support, Dealing with Loss Counselling.