Parental Coordination


Parenting coordination is a non-adversarial dispute resolution service which is provided by mental health advisors, alternatively by family law lawyers to assist parents during divorce proceedings who are unable to reach an agreement regarding the minor children. This is done in an expeditious and child-focused manner.

​When the relationship of parents breaks down, it is not only the adults who suffer. Children generally love and need both their parents and the effect of divorce or other separation can be seriously detrimental to the welfare of the children of the family. After divorce or separation, parents are not always able to come to an agreement about issues, that requires joint decision-making, and it can result in conflict and disputes. It is required that disputes must be resolved, as soon as possible.

A parenting plan often specifies the details of how the post-divorce/separation relationship will be governed but it cannot foresee every situation that may arise. A parenting coordinator can assist the parties to facilitate the process.

Working with a parenting coordinator is a good option for families transitioning into shared parenting.


The purpose of the appointment of a parenting coordinator is to assist and to empower conflicting parents to develop their parenting skills and to adapt to the change in circumstances by resuming their parenting decision-making skills to be in the best interest of the minor children. Should the parents be unable to do so, the parenting coordinator must give guidance and services needed to enable an outcome which will be in the best interest of the minor children and which will limit the amount of conflict between the parents.

Partners on Panorama specialises in managing difficult situations revolving round the decision-making process of co-parents. A specifically trained professional assists the parents to manage their parenting plan or agreements and assists them with joint decision-making.

The benefits for the parents, to make use of a parenting coordinator, is that it can reduce the level of conflict between the parties, it can reduce legal costs, it can reduce the emotional burden that the conflict creates within the children and parents can have more time to focus on their relationship with their children.

A court-appointed parenting coordinator is given the mandate to issue directives and the parties are bound to the directives.

​Should parties be unable to resolve the issues it will be referred back to the court.


    1. 1x individual session with each parent to obtain a brief history and information on critical issues.
    2. On the discretion of the social worker, the minor child/children can participate in the process.
    3. Scheduled joint sessions with both parents.
    4. Report/comprehensive assessment.  Further processes may include collateral interviewing and observation of interaction between child/ren and respective parents. On request, a comprehensive court report can be issued.


Both parents will be requested to sign an appointment letter regarding the condition of service delivery before the commencement of the assessment thus providing mutual consent to the assessment of their child.

    1. The designated social worker’s mandate is restricted to parenting coordination and will not be involved in other disputes.
    2. Partners on Panorama is a cash practice and does not work through medical aid schemes.