Assessment Services

Assessments identify the views and needs of children within their relationship with their parents, caregivers and significant others as well as the attitudes and parental capacities of the adults with regard to the children’s needs.

Assessment and the issuing of forensic reports support the court in the finalization of family law matters.

​Our multi-disciplinary approach followed by Partners on Panorama allows for the referral of clients to a panel of psychologists for educational and clinical assessments.

Socio-Emotional Assessments

The purpose of the socio-emotional evaluation of a minor child is to evaluate the different systems in his/her world, as well as the minor child’s current socio-emotional functioning and emotional experience of these systems. The evaluation further aims to identify and understand different factors that contribute to the child’s current experiences, in order to make the necessary recommendations in the best interest of the child (Webb, 2011).

Parental Capacity Assessments

When assessing parental capacity, the prominent life domains of an adult must be reviewed for risk and resiliency features as they relate to safe parenting.

Forensic Care and Contact

Residency, care and contact assessments may be ordered by the court in family law matters where the residency of and the care and contact with a child are disputed.

Sexual Abuse Investigations

Allegations or suspicions of sexual abuse is both serious and sensitive of nature and may result in possible legal implications, thereby making the investigation of such allegations complex. Partners-on-Panorama consists of a team of suitable qualified social workers that specialises in forensic practice.

Practice protocol directs that investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse are evidence-based and supported by both literature and research, be objective and legally sound.  

Investigations into allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour between children as well as physical abuse are approached similarly to allegations of sexual abuse.