About Us

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

Partners on Panorama provide a wide range of services and programmes relating to children and families. Partners on Panorama are a multidisciplinary team that collaborates with other professionals to ensure that intervention is integrated, culturally sensitive and comprehensive to best assist families and individuals. The family professionals at Partners on Panorama are passionate about helping families in crisis. With the best interest of the child standard as guidance, we believe that the manner by which matters are addressed and interventions are implemented defines our professionalism.

Our Story

Partners on Panorama was founded by Mrs Adell-Mari Wolmarans. Because she believes that teamwork is at the core of great achievement, she expanded her mediation and forensic social work practice to include professionals from a variety of backgrounds and diverse work experiences.

Partners on Panorama was established in 2017, where the welfare of children is our main concern and their best interests our first priority.

Meet The Team

Adell-Mari Wolmarans

Director, Social Worker in Forensic Practice & Family Professional

Debbie  Potgieter

Social Worker in Forensic Practice & Family Professional

Puleng Sibambayani

Practice Manager

Janette Hermann

Social Worker in Forensic Practice & Family Professional